On-line marketing is time consuming.

It requires time, a lot of time.

Time better spent actually talking to customers, building real relationships, on-to-one and minding the store.

As business owners we must accept on-line is where we all go to find the ideal solution to our needs. You, me, every one of your clients, look for solutions and alternatives on-line.

Most of us simply don’t have the time to do online marketing right. Here are a few suggestions.

Prioritize. Identify what is causing you the most pain today.

Define. Spell out the problem in one or two sentences.

Plan. Based on the above, fix one problem at a time. Define your time frame.

Budget. If you can’t afford to do it yourself, budget an amount appropriate to get the help needed.

Fix. You have priorities & a plan. Fix one problem at a time. Move on to the next problem.

You cannot afford to delay. Every hour, your clients, your prospects are looking on-line for solutions.

If you don’t quickly appear to be a solution, they will continue looking.

If your competitors are doing a better job than you, then you are already behind.

It wasn’t like this a few years ago, but this is your reality today

You literally have to keep on top to grow.

On-line marketing is not much more complicated than traditional marketing, it is learning some new vocabulary and taking some baby steps to get you moving in the right direction.

In 7 years, Advanced Care Pet Hospital was able to establish itself and grow in a very competitive market with 7 direct competitors. It continues to grow at a comfortably sustainable pace. Our success has allowed me the freedom to pursue the kind of work I truly enjoy and that is helping others. Specifically, helping other business owners enjoy the kind of success we we have achieved.