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I help clients with: Websites, Analytics, AdWords, SEO, Content & Copy Writing

Serving businesses in the Saint Cloud & surrounding Central Minnesota area.

WHY YUPIK? Because YOU PICK what needs fixing now

I do exactly what needs to be done today, no more, no less.

You’re busy, you need someone to help you get more customers from on-line marketing.

My wife and I faced similar challenges when we opened Advanced Care Pet Hospital.

Let me show you how we achieved our online marketing goals & help you do the same.


In 2009 my wife Pamela & I opened Advanced Care Pet Hospital in Sartell. Today, it’s a small business success story by every measure. As marketing partner, I planned & deployed cost effective and powerful marketing to attract new customers. While our terrific staff keeps clients coming back, let me share with you the tools and experience used to grow our small business.

AMAZING Results Are Within Your Budget

Let me show you how to put new marketing technologies to work for you. Keeping up with on-line marketing is enough to make you seasick. I’ve been a marketing geek since I bought my 1st computer in 1986. Let me help you figure out what you need, what you can afford, today and for tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s Technology, Today.

  • Content Design – Doing Websites Right

  • Customer Database, Reporting & CRM

  • SEO & Internet Advertising

  • “Old School” Lead Generation & Demand Creation

“Eskimo Tom”

“Eskimo” Tom is a bona fide Yupik Eskimo born in Anchorage Alaska.

Over 40% of our new customers come in though our website at Advanced Care Pet Hospital. Discover the path we took to create and structure the content to drive customers to our location.


On-line is the ultimate direct marketing medium ever conceived. Those of you treating your website as glorified brochure are bound to play catch up with those of us who know better. Let me show you how to do it cost effectively.

“What Are Words Worth?” Surprisingly more than you might imagine. Famed direct marketing copywriter, John Caples, found one ad could sell 19 1/2 times more than another. Your web pages can do the same, let me show you how.


Featuring ideas, thoughts and trends from some of the leading minds in the field. Stay tuned for more.

On-Line Marketing Help for Small Business

November 1st, 2016|

On-line marketing is time consuming. It requires time, a lot of time. Time better spent actually talking to customers, building real relationships, on-to-one and minding [...]

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Begin with a single step, a no obligation conversation about your needs. I’m looking for a handful clients to help on a long term basis. Let’s start small and grow from there.

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